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By: lottadigital
Sep 10, 2011

A good day today, we worked until 13:00 since this was asked by the hospital administration,that is OK since we all need a break.  We have done over 45 operations since we arrived, 4 times more that what is being done here at this hospital in a week.  As we know 3 babies were admitted with Malaria last night, one more this morning.  I was talking to one of the doctors and they say that some of these babies can show up to ER with an hemoglobin of 1.5, (average 10)… wow…The 3 so far and the small sleep apnea patient are doing OK.  Time will tell.  We went to Logpo today, this was the village that was submerge by 5-6 feet of water… what a changed village… you need pictures to see the difference… it is a new world…kids are amazing, they look happy with nothing…it is so poor…played soccer with the kids for few minutes took pictures, talked with the local, 3 wives, 15 kids, 4 houses… and if he was to pass away, his brother would take over his wives and kids and may have more kids with them…again different world.  Driving back, we can see the poverty, the hardship…returned to the hospital to see that the Brazilian team prepared a Brazilian supper.  Rice, beans (white and dark) and a chocolate desert.   Very very well done… the fathers came as well with some nuns…just finished rounds, every one is doing well…

Tomorrow we have to get up at 6:30 to go to mass for 7 and then we are going to the school and visit… should be fun…We were asked not to do any surgeries on Sunday…

It is interesting, a totally different world within our world… what we have is amazing…we just don’t see it

– Louis