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Bourget Foundation
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Our Causes

The cause of the Bourget Foundation is to educate and assist in the medical field helping communities and hospitals develop minimum standards for treating patients.

Medical Camps

We conduct free medical camps for poor and remote people. We have a team who save the lives of men, women and children by performing simple and complex surgeries. The foundation has been very fortunate to have drawn skilled volunteers in the form of paediatric, thoracic, plastic and general surgeons alike to help the people in that region. These professionals not only donate their time but also take on financial cost of the care for the patients they treat as well as their travel expenses.


Teamwork is a team of different medical specialists and dental specialists that allow a continuum, but shared expertise with different hospitals in order to develop and maintain a minimum standard. They also evaluate and help with the safety of patients and teach in the treatments of different conditions, which would, in normal circumstances, not receive this care.

Hospitals and Equipment

Establishing hospitals and equipment. Many of us are able to help with different technologies and obtaining different medical supplies to help hospitals obtain some basic and life-saving equipment. These often include anesthesia machines, oxygen, recovery room apparatus, ophthalmology, and general surgery, as well as gynecological and pharmaceutical equipment.

How can you help

Bourget Foundation hosts events throughout the year. These events are organised to raise awareness and gain financial support. This support will be used to help run the hospital and provide necessary equipment and supplies directly to treat the needed people. Any donated gifts or monetary contributions would be greatly appreciated. if you are a medical professional or a volunteer, then get registered with us.

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