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Back To Reality
By: lottadigital
Sep 14, 2011

Well the day was a day to get back into the reality…it feels like a dream, where we were so far away, in a different world, and now we are back to our live, dealing with all the pressures we had before..but how can we ever forget what we saw… impossible, this experience has changed may of us and will only continue to do so…from the emails and comments, I feel that this blog has touched many people… and I am happy I was able to bring you our experience through our eyes… but we are not done. In this different world within our, we need to keep going, small baby steps will help these people greatly…

The french side of Africa is affected by the lack of help, France is pulling out and therefore the french speaking population of Africa will be in worst shape, if this was possible…

may-imageAs I mentioned previously, a new mission is being organized for April/may, and if people want to come great… we have many many years ahead, so many will have a chance to join us if they are interested…I will be looking for help, via people, supplies, money…and if any of you reading this blog can help.. the more power to all of us, since this will be helping these people directly. As previosuly stated, Pharmacist, medical practitioner, nurses and teachers will be all welcome, but as well people to help clean, arrange, coordinate as we saw with Marie, all of this will be appreciated.

These are some pictures from the education side that could always need your help as well. we can all make a difference, we all have our limitations and our desire to help, thank you for all your prayers and help through out this mission. Our container did not make it on time for us, but hopefully will make it there before the brazilian team leaves.. we have learned alot about this entire process and I would like to say to all a very very big thank you

God bless all of you and please help us keep this project going

Take care and live with hope and faith

– Louis