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Medical Mission in Benin, Africa

Being a family foundation, 3 Bourget children are involved, Dr. Louis Bourget, sister Marie (which will be using all the protection in the world), and Irma Monique, also known for us as the mother Teresa of Brazil. We have nurses, Plastic surgeon, Pediatric surgeon, OBGYN, Family physician, dentist as well as an administrator (Marie) and Dr. Louis.. all in all 17 medical staff members.

About Bourget Foundation

The Bourget Foundation, established in 2008, was created to help Irma Monique with her work in Brazil and abroad. The Bourget group and foundation involves the entire Bourget family. All the kids are proud of helping with this foundation which helps Irma in Brazil, keeping in mind that she is in charge of a major hospital in Sao Paolo and now helping develop this current mission in Africa.

We are so Blessed

We are team of medical professionals who save the lives of men, women and children by performing simple and complex surgeries in Africa & Brazil. The foundation has been very fortunate to have drawn skilled volunteers in the form of pediatric, thoracic, plastic and general surgeons alike to help the people in that region. These professionals not only donate their time but also take on financial cost of the care for the patients they treat as well as their travel expenses. They believe in the mission.

News & Events

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A new mission is getting ready to leave for January 12, 2018.

This year's mission will include general surgeons, oral maxillo-facial surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, dental hygienist, business administrators and operation managers as well as translators. We are pleased to also announce that the Brazilian Chapter just completed their mission to Zinvie last month with great success. This included; ophthalmology and general surgery, as well as head and neck surgery.



A new mission is getting ready to leave for January 12, 2018. This is comprised of mostly Canadians and a few Brazilians.

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