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By: lottadigital
Sep 14, 2011

Well we are back home safe and sound…wow what an experience….looking at the pics and putting everything together it almost feels like a dream..our reality is so different..it’s funny how things work, we live in the reality of what today is.. While we were in Africa we lived in there world there reality and it seems like the every day stuff we lived back home was miles away..the pain of loosing my father wasn’t as bad while I was away. I knew he was with me and would keep me safe but the hurt wasn’t so bad, my pain was for those people living in poverty in needing help. Now back home, the reality of my world is back and loosing dad is still fresh and hurts all over again..funny how things work..

Now that we are back and knowing what we need for our next mission we will be more organized.. Will keep you updated on the dates we will going back. We will of course need people to join our team to help in organizing and to come along with us.. We will need to raise money and hospital material as they have very little.. From all our discussions with the priest and others we realize we have to raise about 15 000$ per mission. People have expressed ideals of how to donate to the foundation,this was a great ideal. Louis will be looking into how this could be done easily. Keep looking in the blog for info.
Thank you all for following our adventure it was amazing.

– Judy