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Meet the Pillars of Bourget:
Passion, Dedication, and
Unwavering Commitment

Dr. Louis Bourget: The Visionary Force

Dr Bourget became an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon in 1996. Following his training, he continued his education is facial cosmetic, major facial reconstruction with Zygoma/pterygoid implants as well as head and neck surgery.

With over 1200 continuing education courses under his belt, and 3 different fellowships Dr. Bourget is a beacon of knowledge, always bringing the latest in facial cosmetic and reconstruction technology to his patients. But beyond his professional accomplishments, his heart lies in the Bourget Foundation, a beacon of hope he established in 2008 to extend medical aid to the underserved in Africa and Brazil. He has organized yearly delivery of medical equipment containers to Africa and at times to Brazil. He has been the medical director for all the Canadian missions with the first yearly mission in 2010. He not only operates on patients but is also the major educator for the foundation.

Louis Bourget
Monique Bourget

Sister Monique Bourget: The Heart of Bourget

Sister Monique Bourget’s impact reaches far and wide. A McGill University Medical School graduate and a member of the Sisters of Saint Marcelina, she ventured to São Paulo, Brazil, in 1994 with a mission to transform primary care.

Under her guidance, the Santa Marcelina Hospital in Brazil opened more than 100 health posts and helped to open another medical school in Sao Paolo. Now full-time in Africa, she helps with the coordination of medical missions from Brazil, Canada and Italy. As the head of the Bourget Foundation, her vision drives the medical missions in Africa and Brazil, with an undying passion for training the next generation of family medicine specialists.

Judy, RN: The Guiding Hand

Judy, an RN since 1996, Operating room nurse with a heart of gold, has been the linchpin of the Bourget Foundation’s operations. As the administrator, she’s been the steady hand guiding many missions over the years.

Her organizational skills, combined with her medical knowledge, ensure that every mission, every endeavor is executed seamlessly, always keeping the foundation’s cause at the forefront. During the mission, she is always helping to coordinate surgeries, educate on the Canadian standards to help improve the surgical outcomes of patients.

bourget team

Our Broader Team:
The Backbone of Every Mission

Beyond these pillars, the Bourget Foundation thrives because of a diverse team of medical professionals, volunteers, and administrators. Each member brings a unique skill set, a shared passion, and an unwavering commitment to transforming lives globally.
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Every mission, every camp, every consultation is a testament to what a dedicated team can achieve. If you’re passionate about making a difference, we welcome you with open arms. Let’s transform lives together. 


In the vast landscape of global healthcare, our team stands tall, not just for their professional expertise but for their hearts that beat for every individual they serve. Together, we are Bourget, and together, we make the impossible possible.