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By: lottadigital
Sep 10, 2011

Well As Louis says we finished early today. I think the staff needed a break and to be honest so did we… Louis, Marie, Kitie, Rodrigo and I went to visit the village of Logpo, its 7km away from where we are.. Interesting to see the way the people live…There are sooooo soooo many children, seems like they just come out of everywhere.. but they are all smiles and love to have there pictures taken. Funny how some of them are scared of Louis, lol they aren’t used to seeing white men.. Women yes because of the nuns but they rarely see a white man, its funny to see there expression..

I can’t wait to put the pictures up so you can all see what we see.. wow…. I still can’t believe I’m in Africa.. as hesitant as I was.. Scared mostly!!..Now I’m so happy I came..

The Brazilians did an amazing job with the supper tonight, they had all types of Brazilian food cooked.( all brought in from Brazil of course) a little bit of this and a little bit of that and “voila” supper was served.. It was amazing.. They had music and dancing and the flag it was a good evening had by all.

Tomorrow we have a day off. Our plans are to get up early for church, visit a school and I think visit some of the local villages and markets..

Now off to bed we go, tomorrow will be another hot and humid day..Shhhh!! but I really miss our weather..