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Bourget Foundation
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Get Involved


Join Bourget Foundation as a Volunteer or a Professional OR a Management Staff

Why Join Bourget Foundation? 7 Reasons to Get Registered :

  1. Volunteer for a great cause.
  2. Help people that are very unfortunate to live in countries that have only the basics.
  3. Experience teamwork and help with the basics.
  4. Receive the best gift in life, a smile, and a thank you.

Who can HELP?

  • Anyone that would like to donate to the Foundation directly.
  • Anyone with a medical or teaching that would like to experience a great adventure.

Benefits for Joining Bourget Foundation :

  • All the money goes directly to the hospital, and help patients receive treatments that they would not be able to afford.
  • Join a team of Brazilians and Canadians that only want to help with their expertise and gifts.

Questions in Mind

If you have questions in mind don’t hesitate to ask as :

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