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By: lottadigital
Sep 9, 2011

Louis and I did the rounds tonight at 9:30.  There are approximately 25 patients at the hospital who have undergone various surgeries since we arrived.  The patients and family members are sleeping everywhere; some on old hospital beds wearing simple cotton clothes.  There are no sheets on the beds.  Others sleep on the floor on a cotton cloth or on a bamboo mat.  As you step into the rooms, the smell is overwhelming but you can’t help it, your heart goes out to those poor people.  They are so grateful for everything you give them.  Louis is so good with them.  So comforting and funny! Tonight he was making every one laugh by dancing in the various hallways as we were going from room to room to find the patients and make sure everything was okay.

Naura, her mother and little brother are still at the hospital despite the fact they could have left 2 days ago.  They are in no rush to leave.  We learned that the children are fed during their stay but not the parents.  It makes us think there is not much to go to at home.

Needless to say we have witnessed some very sad events over the last few days.  Events we will never forget but we have learned a thing or two since we arrived and are armed with continued energy to carry on the work we have undertaken.   The days have been very busy and everyone is trying to make a difference.   These people deserve kindness and to be treated with dignity.

We are also having some good laughs especially with the French and Brazilian language lessons.  Keiti, Rubens and Silvio were determined to learn a few new words including verbs.  Keiti mastered “ecureuil, bouilloire, cuillere” but was having a difficult time pronouncing squirrel, j, je, j’ai …. So funny!  Of course, they are coming up with long convoluted Brazilian words for us to repeat.  No rest for the wicked.

A 7 month old baby scheduled for surgery at 8:30am tomorrow morning, five hernias,  a tumor in the palate Louis will be removing and more whatever other case presents itself.  It bodes to be another busy one.

Monique, Silvio the dentist and I laughed so much earlier this afternoon as another man decided he would think about having his tooth removed when he had a chance to get it done right there and then.  Silvio was saying the women are brave but the macho men, not so much.  Chickens!!

Well I think it is time to call it a day!  Good night,

– Marie