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By: lottadigital
May 22, 2012

We had an early start today with Louis doing a biopsy to the neck under local. Then we had the hardest time ever to get an IV started on this most gorgeous little boy, 7 months old.  He came in for Hernia repair, the surgery went well and he is doing amazing.. but OMG!!! I could take him home. He is soooooo gorgeous….

We finished early today so Apolonaise and another hospital worker took us for a walk to there village.. I loved it… Amazing to be walking in these beat down paths to get to there homes and see there families.. The children were coming home from school so they were running around everywhere, so happy and content… It blows my mind to see them so happy with nothing.. they play with old bicycle tires and whatever they can find… We are so spoiled, we live in a complete different world and I know you have all heard me say it but… it just blows my mind to see how happy and friendly every body is here… I guess I could say they don’t sweat the small stuff here.. and if I can learn that from them that would be huge…


I am always so grateful for my experience here and the new friendships created… What can I say.. I love it!!

– Judy

 Day 3 was another great day here in this part of the world.  It is a place you have to truly experience for oneself.  These people have so little yet they are so happy.  They are so welcoming and gracious to all of us.  Everyone greets you with a smile and a hand shake regardless of their age.


Today we did another biopsy and a very long hernia case on a seven year old.  Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and our 4 hour surgery did not show up.  They thought they were getting done tomorrow so now we will do that case on Thursday.  Her case is very complicated and will take Louis a long while to do.

Unfortunate for them but lucky for us one of the staff took us to his village.  We had a lovely couple of hours walking through down roads and paths and meeting many of the locals.  They love to just see you walking by. They wave and shout to you.  Judy and Joannie gave out some treats that they had brought. The children loved receiving them. We walked by a huge pineapple field the smell was wonderful. I never knew that is how they grow.  I have never been anywhere that I love as much as this place.  It has truly touched me.

We still do not have any news on the container, hopefully tomorrow. Love you and miss you Terry.

–  PC (that’s Pam not Paul)

 Day 2 of surgery.  Good day for some patients that were able to get their surgeries.  A very large cystic Hygroma was schedules for today but only showed up late today so will be done this week


We have 3 cystic hygroma cases to do, cleft lips, salivary glans to remove and biopsies of some sarcoma’s, I am sure and others…


So much pathology, so many happy kids and families… we have so much to learn from these people…

Talking to all, everyone is enjoying themselves, and it is nice to see how Pam, Joanie and Paul fit right in to the system.  No fuss ready to work and do what ever needs to be done.


IMG_1677The fathers and sisters have been amazing to us, and we in return have promised to help them in the best way we can….

Again as I said before and unfortunately repeating myself, a different world that have nothing, expect nothing but are so appreciative of everything we do for them, as little or as big as we can help, they will always always say thank you … so much for us to learn…