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By: lottadigital
May 22, 2012

Day two was a very productive day and my shoes are already spoken for. One of the workers asked me for my shoes, I told her she can have them when I leave.

After a meeting with a doctor that lives here we headed to the hospital to get started on what we came here for.  Louis and Alex went to do consults and the rest of us got things organized and the OR ready for our first surgery, “ the sweetest little 4 year old boy”.  We did three more surgeries to end the day. Two more children all hernias and a biopsy on a lady, Louis is not optimistic about her case.  All went well.  There was an emergency C-section in the OR next to us.  A baby boy, he is doing fine.  The mother was having some difficulties, they had some issues with anesthesia. She seems to doing fine now.


We then headed back to the house to get showers and have some food.

It is now 9:00 we have finished our supper and winding down some before we all head to bed.  Rest up for another busy day and hopefully the container will arrive.

– PC

Monday.. for most of you out there a holiday. For us here, hard at work.  It was so so amazing to see everybody.. Emilienne, Benoit, Samuel and the rest of the workers.. We worked hard but also shared lots of laughs amongs each other today…. I always look forward to the end of the day when Samuel teaches me how to dance the way they dance here.. we always have a great laugh.. I guess I don’t move like they do..lol

We did mostly kids today from age 4 to 7yrs old all hernias. All went well with Louis and Alex doing surgeries.  Louis saw a beautiful 7 month old baby girl today that needs cleft lip, we will have her in the OR on Wednesday.. She is soooo gorgeous….


We finished around 7pm, back to the house , oh and Louis had to give me a piggy back ride back cause it rained hard all day and it was dark when we left the OR which means there are frogs out there….. you all know how I really really don’t like frogs…so Louis is my hero for bringing me home.. just finished supper had a nice refreshing cold shower oh it felt good.. we were so hot today…. And now Alex made his famous Brazilian dessert.. so much for loosing weight over here with that chocolate marvel he makes… Well lets see what tomorrow awaits us… night all

– Judy

 Well day two is under our belt!

All the medical folks were so happy to see Dr. Louis, Judy, Dr. Alex & Dr. Julietta, there was hugging and kissing all over the place.

This morning Dr. Louis and Dr. Alex and I did consults with the 1st group of patients. There were 4 patients that didn’t eat breakfast, so at 11 am we started surgeries! Amazing! We are over booked for surgeries until Wednesday, tomorrow morning we start consults again!

The Doctors are so accommodating with every situation that arises, in the middle of one long surgery, Dr. Louis leaves Dr. Alex to do a biopsy and then a consult on a little girl with a cleft palate. Dr. Alex never left at all today to eat, he didn’t get supper until 7:30pm!  Dr. Julietta and Dr. Paul kept the OR going all day.


While I was keeping my eye on a post-op boy, an emergency C-Section came in and the nurse came out with a pale blue baby upside down, there was no crying! In a few minutes the nurse got the baby all cleaned up and he started crying and was soon a beautiful shining black little beauty!

Judy is amazing with all the little ones, it is great to watch her with them. It would be so helpful to speak French, I am at a disadvantage because of it. But you do what you can.

The Brothers here bring us our meals each day and we supplement with other things…spaghetti, potatoes and stuffing and pancakes, and so far Alex is making our evening dessert.

I’m heading to bed now and look forward to what tomorrow holds.

I am so thankful for this experience.

– Bon Nuit!


– JT


Well another good day.  All the team did very well, it was so nice to see all.  Hernia’s were not easy to do, complicated ..both great stuff.  Saw many many patients that we would not see in Canada.  Penis that have malfunction urethra’s, cystic hydroma, cardiomegaly and it’s side effects, Thyphoid fever and its problems…what a different world, very basic world that need so much of our help, so much for us to be able to give, and really all we need to do is come and help… they will accept all of us with open arms for our knowledge and help..




So different world starving for our help…..