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By: lottadigital
May 19, 2012

Well, we arrived in Zinvie without any problems. The Father had been waiting for 2 hours since we were late arriving. even Irma Mom had tried calling me to see what was happening…All our bags made it, kaos at the airport but really normal for here. It is rainy season so many frogs… Judy doesn’t like that. the roads are really bad, lots of erosion, big holes and nothing that the state will help with. Less people on the road tonight could be because it is not nce or that it is 11 pm??? The accommodations are great.. better than last time, we have fans in every room!!! the Italian team just left so we will have to see what happened at the hospital last few months. The italians did thyroid surgery and bowel suregry, we are told that they did some announcements for pediatric cases and Cleft lip and palate cases.. so it should be great week. We need to think of bringing square nets for the beds, poor pam has around one that we modified. No big deal…

Tomorrow we will go look around, and plan our week… everyone seems excited and ready to help… It will be great… Paula, Pam, and Joanie seem a little overwhelmed but we will do some touring tomorrow. It is 2 am going to bed