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By: lottadigital
May 14, 2012

Well it has been 8 months since we were in Africa. Since that time we have been working hard, with the help of many people, to get a container ready for our arrival on the 19th of this month. We have 2 electrosurg (electric cutting knife), many many surgical consumables….over 280 boxes of medical supplies…. thank you to all, Greg, Jen, Pam, Tyco, IWK hospital, pharmaseutical complanies..Michelle, Christine, Judy, Corey…. and of course all the ones that I forgot…..thank you thank you. Since this is a family foundation, so many of the funds have been advanced, by my family, Dad and others … thank you

So we are leaving Friday night, 7 of us to Africa, to get this mission on its way but also getting the next mission ready for the brazillians in September. We have dried food this time, water in the container…hope we did not forget anything…. Can’t wait to help all those that need help…long hours but so rewarding…and really to give our tallents to others for a smile and a thank you….. ….what more can I say

– LB