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By: lottadigital
May 18, 2012


Well fun departure, we left Halifax with 8 oversize bags, with up to date meds from Moffatts Pharmacie… Thanks to Sujay and Al and all others…. Poor Pam, couldn’t say a long good bye to Terry….well in TO having a glass of wine, beer, our last great meal in Canada……. So it should be great… All excited to help and really try to make a difference…the true reason why we became surgeons and went we all went into this profession.

Will be meeting our anesthesiologists in Paris and our pediatric general surgeon….what a great team and people… Can’t wait to see all. Wish more of our Bourget family was with us… It will be one day….

– LB

Sorry for the quick exit Terry. Here we are in TO having a cold one before the dry spell. Got my ticket straightened out. Now coming home via New York. Stilled psyched for a great week and an awesome adventure.

– PC

well folks we’re in TO, first leg, going great so far! Can’t wait to start this amazing adventure! I’m blessed to be with great people who are looking forward to an adventure too! Will keep in touch! Xoxo

– JT

Well… Had an extra long shower this morning,, gave my hair an extra wash,,,, took my time folding the laundry just to appreciate the smell of fleecy,,,,appreciated the things that I normally take for granted…nervous and excited at the same time,,, the only way I can explain it is like having the same procedure done twice..l the first time you’re nervous cause you don’t know what to expect and the second time,, you know what to expect…. We are a great group and it will be great to see our Brazilian friends and our Zinvie friends…here’s to a fabulous adventure,,,cheers!!

– Judy