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Africa Mission starts Jan 11-22nd.
Jan 10, 2018

Mission starting 11 January – 22nd 2018, Hospital La Croix Zimvie Benin Africa

Speciality Name of Team Member Country
Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Louis Bourget Canada
Anesthesia Anne Alymer Canada
Anesthesia Vanessa Sweet Canada
General Surgeon Todd Stoddart Canada
General Surgeon Kevin Johnson Canada
Family Doctor and nun Irma Monique Bourget Brazil
Family Doctor-Geriatric Henrique Rego Brazil
Physiotherapist Barbara Adams Canada
Dental Hygienist Beverly MacNeil Canada
Nurse Judy Boucher Canada
Translator Renee Bourget Canada
Operation Manager Dave Clark Canada
Financial Sarah Daily Canada
Electrician Doug Macdonald Canada
Medical Student Natalia Neves Brazil
Medical Student  Rafael Rafaldini Brazil
Medical Student  Larissa Barbeiro Brazil