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August 23, 2013 The Beginning of a New Mission
By: lottadigital
Aug 23, 2013

The Bourget foundation with the Brazilian team is sending a new team to Africa tonight. My older sister Diane, an OR nurse, will be helping in this mission for the first time, and she will be with the Brazilian team headed by Irma Monique. The have many team members, over 23 of them will participate. A head and Neck surgeon, OBGYN, General surgery, Neurologist, Opthalmologist, pharmacists and well as many nurses and outside help. This will be a great mission.

One of the criteria of this mission will be to explore the avenue of helping another area, BOGBO, an area that needs so much help and work. A hospital that really needs everything… With the grace of God and the help of all, this can be done and all will prepare for the next mission, hopefully Feb 2014.

Good luck to all