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Arriving at Zimvie -Saturday & Sunday – Blog by Louis
By: Louis Bourget
Jan 14, 2018

Well after 3 good flights, we finally arrived in Zimvie at 12:30 am. We all did well, great team great people. Some had some sleep but most did not…

Doug, our electrician lost his luggage. Well, that will be interesting. Triplicate papers, no computers and 30 min for a lady to write 3 lines… He will see his luggage but in few days since there are no flights coming in on Saturday from Paris. It was interesting to see that as soon as we got to the house, through rough terrain and lots of bikes..the first thing we all wanted to do was get connected to wifi, really…when the rest of “this” world is In the dark, and have minimal to nothing, no TV, and no WIFI… What is wrong with us.. is this what our world is all about.. being connected all the time…. This place has not changed but for some of us, it was wow.. great to be back.. we have lots of food and lots of medical supplies.

Ok went to bed at 2:30 and up few hrs later..Saturday.. we need to get ready and get organized. Even Renee was up..Very impressed… Most had not slept for over 28 hrs and two of us braves, lol, Vanessa and I were up at 6:50 to go to mass. Renee was up at 7:40 this morning after non-sleeping for 27 hrs…It is hot and humid. After church few of us went and fixed the new anesthesia machine. What a great piece of equipment. … it will be great for them. So now we have a great machine and another room with a machine that needs to be upgraded but will do OK for now.. then we went for a tour of the place…

Wow.. so so nice to see great changes that are maintained. Operation Room clean and organized, the ward had a storage place for the food pots for the families so the rooms are less cluttered, and new buildings. And so many small changes but so so nice to see..went to Lokpo.. one of my favorite village, so untouched by modernization. Awesome to see families taking care of each other and kids playing sports, No CELL No IPHONES… just pure fun…Played soccer and danced and sang with the kids.. we had so so much fun with them..left Lokpo it was getting dark.. Made supper ..

Great food Sarah!! And Todd bad this amazing bread..will have to learn how to make it..played cards and talked.

During our tour of the hospital, Dr. Dave was asked to see a patient.  She thought it was me or one of the general surgeon.  Well, Dr. Dave is now a boobologist.  We will have a great laugh for a long time…

Todd, Vanessa and Judy went to the Operation Room for an appendectomy.. 15 y.o. boy, they did very well… different equipment, lost power once through the procedure and basic instruments were interesting as Todd explained lol…

On Sunday… Up and around, great breakfast and church at 9:30.. so nice to go there.  People are relaxed, listening and so so convicted.  Kids are adorable… Great smiles!!!.. great colors.  Left to go to Wiqah for a tour.  On the way, we were on the major road where people over pack their cars.  Monique gave a few words and prayer..by the way Not that our truck was not over packed.. 17 in the small bus plus 2 drivers.  Well, a truck full of pineapples drove beside us and all of a sudden the tire blew up, getting a small piece of rubber against the car… well Barbara got scared and screamed “Jesus Christ”  well with Irma in the car… Barb’s quick reaction was ..”I was just praying”  well we all started laughing..Irma Monique looked and laughed as well…The tour was very good.. but hard to see for the Brazilians and anyone that could put themselves in their shoes.  12.5Million slaves were traded for what…minimal to no value.  14 man or 21 women and children for a small cannon, or a slave for a bottle of alcohol ..really.. is that what life was worth. We then went to the gate of no return, on the beach where slaves were placed in boats destined to go to South America.  These people were taken away from villages, stated in a restricted area for 1-3 weeks before they were taken to the beach for their 12-week journey.  They had to be in amazing shape since they had minimal water and food for what 4 months.  Over 60% did not make the journey. Going to the beach was amazing to see… went swimming with Doug.  Took some convincing to get Renee to go in but she did and so did Erique from Brazil.  Tried body surfing  .. well that did not go well… nice dermabrasion on my chest lol…

We saw the gate of return placed by Jean paul II.. . we saw a great painting for Dr Dave.  A 3D picture of a women that will make him remember his first consultation.  Left and went to the Python museum.  Interesting.. some voodoo and interesting creatures.  Every month they let the snakes out of captivity for them to feed in the village.  The eat rats and mice and are not dangerous but imagine 70 python free in the city.  40 return to the area, but some have to be brought back by the town people… ya.. really safe..Renee, myself and many others had the python around our neck.. Some people were just not comfortable.  Some were funny .. Kevin and Vanessa were probably the funniest.

Back in the bus to the sisters.. Wow great school.. something many teachers could come and see and spend time in Africa.  Had a great supper and back to the house.  Cleaned, got ready Monday and playing cards.  Yes I did ask everyone to write.. some have done it under duress lol some .. not yet  see below

Well its 12:30  Renee Dave Doug and I are still up playing cards.. Just finished my blog and up at 6-6:30 for bread making  good night