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Africa Mission

Sarah Daly’s Blog – 2018 Benin Mission, Africa

There has been much reflection over the past few days since leaving Benin about the mission, the people, and our team. To summarize: Empathy, Love, Gratitude, Humanity Sister Monique was so very instrumental in making everything just WORK! Her persistence, organizational skills, Empathy and Love were so very inspirational. All the needs we have taken […]

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Africa Mission starts Jan 11-22nd.
On: Jan 10, 2018
By: Louis Bourget

Mission starting 11 January – 22nd 2018, Hospital La Croix Zimvie Benin Africa Speciality Name of Team Member Country Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon Louis Bourget Canada Anesthesia Anne Alymer Canada Anesthesia Vanessa Sweet Canada General Surgeon Todd Stoddart Canada General Surgeon Kevin Johnson Canada Family Doctor and nun Irma Monique Bourget Brazil Family Doctor-Geriatric Henrique […]

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