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By: lottadigital
Sep 6, 2011

OK Just got in… went and did rounds.. Marie is in the OR with a post partum bleed… wow for Marie… but the story is if she needs a emergency hysterectomy to make her live, she will no longer have a husband because we will no longer be able to carry his children… what a decision..

People are coming now from different area, they found out we are here…I have few cases on my list early, 2 cleft lip, a cervical cyst, help the pediatric surgeon with 2 small hernia on kids, then some more big cases of hernia, sizes that you only see in books… more consultations…saw a 16 y.o boy with a large fibrous osseous lesion, still wondering if I will debunk it to help his facial appearance…

Just found out that there are snakes here, but I will not tell Marie… she is doing very well I am very impressed… what a life here, so much work, so much pathology.

I can say we can thank god for everything we have, because we don’t realize what we have until you lose it or you come to a place like this….

Good night

– Louis