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By: lottadigital
Sep 6, 2011

Day 2 of our mission 

Wow where do I start and what can I say.. No words can explain what we see, what we smell and how freaking hot and humid it is…

Started yesterday bringing instruments in for sterilization.. Now the guy who sterilizes is also the janitor.. So we put things together as best as we could do help for surgeries.. We have 2 OR Rooms and lots of pt’s waiting.. The conditions aren’t the greatest but they could be worst as well.. We are managing with what we have and I think still doing very well…I have brought a container of sani wipes to clean our living area, (we don’t need it here its good) but the OR(OMG!!) there is old blood on the ECG leads, pulse oxymetre, B/P cuff. The tables are just wiped down fast, the over head light I don’t think ever gets wiped.. So with that said I am making great use of my sani wipes and I don’t think that room has ever been so clean.. But the cross contamination is amazing. Why there is little infection is beyond my understanding??????

I hold my breath and try not to cry for these poor people.. There is no dignity left, you try to be the advocate for the patient as we are trained to be, but the language barrier is an issue as well.. It is hard to face this type of daily living that is normal for these people and unacceptable for the rest of the world.. How can this be??? We can complain about our hospital systems as much as we want but most of it is politics…It brings a new perspective.. If the people at home could see what happens here… for example for patients who need blood.. We at home type and Cross match.. Well, here they draw blood from the patient, try it on a “paper” with the blood to be received and if it cloths they are no match, if it separates then there are good to go for the transfusion… Wow!!

The staff here at the hospital is all so welcoming and nice, making things easier as an outsider. There language is something special.. I try to learn a new word everyday.. The people are well dressed, clean, very lovely and welcoming. The children are all so adorable. All this hardship and they still all have beautiful smiles..

I think it will be hard to separate this real life from my real life back home!