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By: lottadigital
Sep 11, 2011

We had a good day today, travelled to abomey, where the kings live.  It was very interesting.  Kings really ruled the area, they owned 47 hectar of land, many many servants but it was a very barbaric time, decapitating people, burying women alive, and the kings that had more than 4,000 wives… and all of this just over 100 years ago.  It was less than 100 years ago that they stopped offering humans as a sacrifice to the gods.

Long bus ride, very bad roads, traffic that was just unbelievable…4-5 on a motor bike… wow

We visited the nuns school, what a change in less than one year!!!, they are opening the second floor… great for Canadians to come and help

We returned to the hospital and I just finished rounds.  People were asking, because they found out that I was leaving tomorrow, when I will be returning.  So much to do, so little done… A very nice project to definitely continue.  There are many things that are needed, medication, (antibiotic, pain killers, IV bags…) sutures, bandages, OR equipment, proper cleaning supplies, sterilization bags… …but also people to help train these people, a pharmacist, surgeons, nurses, LPN, …This would not only help increase the revenues to the hospital, since patients pay for their surgery, but also increase the efficiency… The mission will change significantly when the 3 of us leave, just because of the language barrier.  This will create a significant halt in the surgical procedures.  Meeting with the fathers and the administration shows that there are many things to change, but it will require baby steps, since change is not always welcome… boy that sounds familiar…

We calculated that also a donation of $10,000 per mission would go a very very long way.  The problem of patient selection is being looked at to help future missions..

Mixed feeling or emotions since there is so much to do here, and we have the expertise, the will to help… but the reality of going back home, it is home, but dealing with unnecessary conflicts that could easily be addressed requires time and effort, taking time away from things that we should/could be doing.  Things that we are good at, things that make a difference to our personal and professional life, we should be doing and exploring.

When you see all of this, you realize that others need help and we can help… why are we concentrating our efforts on unnecessary daily issues when we can make such a big difference when we all work together.  We have so much to learn from Africa..we have so much to learn from this world within our world… family conflicts, personal or professional… African have a way to live that, although they have less than nothing.. they always have a smile and willing to help, us and their community

I look forward to a good meal, and to get ready for the next mission, which will be here again, but this time more prepared and hopefully more time to build on what we learn and having at the same time a fulfilled personal and professional life, free of conflicts

– Louis