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By: lottadigital
Sep 8, 2011

We are up today for another long day of surgeries so far our work days are 14hrs..We are scarred that we are burning out the local staff.. but they always have a smile and will never say anything,, such humbling people but we still don’t want to take advantage of them..

There is so much for them to learn as far as cleanliness, pt advocacy.. I guess its just a different way of living and being here for a week we can educate them on certain things but who are we at the end of the day??? They have being doing it there way for so long and we can’t change that in a small amount of time..

Our hearts broke this morning when we found out a little angel passed away last night…. Read Louis’s blog I will not go into the same detail.. its to hard… such a precious little girl…I just hope at the end of the day we are making a difference…We work hard and treat people as best as we can, I think  making a difference in some lives.. Its just very sad that things like this have to happen…:o(

Such different cultures, such different ways of living, they do the best they can with what they have… all I can say is that we are very very spoiled………!!!!!!!!! Do we appreciate what we have at the end of the day??? I honestly don’t think we do.. This is an eye opener….

A little girl ran up to me today and just gave me a big hug,, out of the blue.. So pretty, she is.. the children are so gorgeous… I would just take them all home… Yes me the one with no kids and little patients for them as well.. I say it,,, I would take them with me..

Today we saw more patients, did more surgeries. Life went on with everything happening, we all had heavy hearts and shoulders…But we kept going…

Our post op, patients are recovering nicely so that is positive.. Our day wasn’t as hectic so the staff has not worked overtime. Tomorrow will be a new day and we will wake up in this world within a world to face new adventures…

Good Night