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By: lottadigital
May 29, 2013

Back home, it feels like a dream as I sit and reflect on the past week. So many things to be thankful for. A birthplace. We give it no thought other than that. But it is a blessing. The people of zinvie are no different than you and I, except for there place of birth. I have a new appreciation for my home. The privilege to open a fridge and say “What do I feel like eating tonight?” A simple choice we take for granted. To open a closet and ask “What will I where today?” Something different for every day. It is not so for many people in this world. I knew it to be true a week ago when I boarded a plane. And as left a plane a week later, I have witnessed the true reality of that statement.

This was a journey every one of us should take. It would change the world we live in. The people of Zinvie are so amazing. To live in such hardships and always have a smile to offer us, strangers in their world. Here to help in some way, and that is all they need to know to hold out their hand and welcome us.

The week went by so fast, I hated to leave. The priests who were so gracious. The people who were so thankful. And the new friends who felt like family. To give your time to a mission like Louis and Judy’s is the most wonderful gift you will ever give yourself.

Our final day, a few more hours in the OR for a final surgery and biopsy( sadly the man will probably lose his arm). Time sorting out the container that finally made its way to its much needed destination. A long drive over some very ruff roads to have a flying visit with the sisters who are overseeing and running a school that is being build so some of these poor children can go to a school with better conditions than those they live in. The students are children who are sponsored by people from Canada and other rich countries. So if you have ever considered sponsoring some under privileged child, do it.

We then had a little time to make one last round around the hospital and see the children before getting our things together to head to the airport. Judy and I and Joanie decided to take some of the clothes and shoes we had donated to hand out to the children. The people surround you and try to grab it from you in their own desperation to get something for the children. I wished we had more time and more to give.

Time to say good by and take our leave. As much as I hate to go I know I will return to this place and these people that have captured my heart. I hope that I am lucky enough to share it again with the family I shared it with this time. Louis, Judy, Joanie, Paul, Julieta and Alex you guys are awesome. Thank you for the laughs, lessons and incredible memories. God Bless.