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By: lottadigital
Sep 9, 2011

Well today was a better day… We did a cleft lip repair for a little 7month old girl.. She is so precious and she did very well.. We were all so nervous with the events of the past days.. that we felt like celebrating at the end of this case.. Of course we did our hernia after hernia and then more hernia repair.. How many of these can there be????

I’m still learning a new African world every day the language is called fo. Very difficult to learn so I usually write it down.. otherwise it go’s in one ear (oto) and out the other.. The accent or I should say the way to pronounce words is very strong so the people here are having fun trying to teach me.. we have some great laughs.

At the end of our OR day we had some African music on in our “recovery room area” Apolinaise we call him “Apolo 13” and Samuel tried to teach us to African dance,, well that was interesting and fun.. We had lots of laughs…

Among lessons learned we also learned to dance..

“Apolo 13” took us for a walk of the hospital grounds to see the locals.. OMG!!!! The poverty is out of this world… the children are so cute but so so dirty… They followed us along holding our hands and looking at our skin, just craving for attention and someone to care for them.. Where are there parents??? Who takes care of them??? If you could only see the conditions they live in.. Pictures don’t do it justice… pictures show you the innocent faces of these kids but you don’t pay attention to the life behind the scene when you look at the picture..

While I sit in our “house” writing my blog, Louis and Marie are gone to do rounds. Irma Monique is gone to ER to see the baby that has malaria( this little 7month girl   is not doing well and will most likely not make it through the night) a very sad situation but reality for this world.. The Brazilians are sitting at the table talking, I think they are trying to explain rules to a card game but really I have no clue what they are saying.. Yup it’s a card game I see the cards on the table..lol

All these different cultures and all these different languages.. Wow what an experience…

Lets see what tomorrow brings..

Night All

– Judy