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By: lottadigital
Apr 18, 2013

Well arrived in Paris. It was an adventure to get to the airport finishing work downtown Halifax at 4 for a flight departure at 6:23. Well everyone was there. Flight to Montreal and then Paris was good. Nellie was great… Ready to take on any challenge including confusion with her tickets, being interrogated by the security officer in Paris… Now we have the entire group together. Our Brazilian friends, Nicole, Derrick, and Anne … It is funny, everyone is tired but ready to go…

– LB

Everybody is together and we are ready for our adventure..we are all in Paris. A bit tired after working a full day yesterday rushing to finish packing and I figure we have been up now for 25 hrs and another 12 hrs to go before we get there..but we are having fun and its all good. Just finish eating an amazing croissant because while in Paris might as well enjoy what they are famous for.. There pastries..yummy! Looking at Neillie and burst out laughing..she is having a hard time,,lol “misplacing” her passport being questioned at customs and searched at security..but all’s good, she’s a good sport… Now to our final destination. Cheers!

– Jb

Hi everybody! Sitting in the Paris airport drinking the best tiniest cup of coffee ever! No Tim’s here and I could really use one. Starting to think I must look like a terrorist as I seem to be attracting a lot of attention from some very unpleasant security people, would it kill them to be nice??? Really though so far so good and I am very grateful to be a part of this and looking forward to reaching Benin in several hours. Cheers!

– Nd

Here we are in Paris again. another year and so greatful to be apart of yet another mission. Very happy to have Terry with me this year and sad not to have my buddy Joanie here. tired and excited to get there and get started. Lots to do and I am sure we will accomplish lots with the great team we have with us. lots so laughs and stories to tell already. thanks to Nellie. Cheers! PC.

Not PC for Paul lol

Are we there yet. Holy cow what a long fight with still nine hours flight time from Paris to Benin. Great to meet all the team that never flew from Halifax with us. Lots of talk on what is going to happen when we get there, cant wait to be apart of it all. Not much else to say at this point other than a shout out to the CSPD gang at the IWK, I hope that some of you get a chance to follow this blog to see the amazing work that these dedicated individuals are able to do in such a short time.

-Later Terry

My turn. I survived a night in Paris. Here we are at the airport the group is taking shape. We have commandeered a group of seats and are off to see what last minute items we can find. I don’t know how the others are still awake .I will look after Nellie my room mate!


Happy to have arrived in Paris! The flights were long and everybody is tired…. Only one leg left to go! We have a lot of work ahead of us when we get to Benin. We need to get our luggage and then drive into where we’re staying….. Unpack….. Set up the fly nets and tuck ourselves in. Looking forward to starting the day in Africa on Saturday morning! I wonder what adventures we have ahead of us!? Thinking of everybody at home….. Thanks for the support and donations! Love,

– Nicole