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Blog by Renee Bourget
By: Louis Bourget
Jan 14, 2018

So I’m kinda forced to write on this blog and I don’t really know what to write about so I’ll try my best and explain my 2 days here in Africa. First of all the plane ride was super long and I didn’t sleep at alllllllll, not even 20 minutes. I was exhausted. Then we arrive at the place where staying in and I was so hot and sticky, I couldn’t sleep until I took a shower. The shower water was so cold but very refreshing, once out of the shower your instantly hot again and you’re practically dry already…

The next day we headed to Lokpo and we gave the kids of the village 2 soccer balls, they were so happy, there giggled were just so precious and so beautiful. It really shows how much they appreciate the little things and how just the smallest gesture makes a big difference. It was so touching, it truly made my heart melt.



Date: 14 Jan, 2018

Keep writing Renee, this is truly a trip you will never forget