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17 January Blog by Judy
By: Louis Bourget
Jan 17, 2018

Wow its already Wednesday, we are working hard and working 12hrs days. Rooms have air, thank god for the temp. outside is at least 40 plus humidity, (should have brought my yoga mat, but would probably pass out lol). Multiple surgeries are done and thanks to Samuel for helping me make instrument packages for the next day surgeries, otherwise you pick and choose amongst canisters of instruments. What they consider sterile is what we could consider clean at best, however, I must say the conditions have improved from the past. They need simple basic supplies such as gloves, sutures, hernia meshes, local anesthetic, blades, cleaning/disinfectant supplies. All the little things we take for granted really…We are so fortunate to have what we have and to be born in our world, how can this still be… it’s mind boggling really when you think about the way we live, the electronics, a microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer,,, there is none of that here,, and… we are doing fine.. We are spoiled, and I hope people can take away being grateful for all we have. Honestly, some of it is overkill but that is our world,,,.. We saw 3 C-sections today and I asked the workers, why so many sections and the answer was because people come from villages around, they have been to there local village “maternity” area and they cannot have a natural childbirth therefor they come to the hospital for sections. I commented, “wow, so many babies” I was answered with “welcome to Africa!” I also questioned why do only the women carry supplies on their heads and not men?? Samuel told me, the women and the children carry the supplies because the men cultivate, he says “this is our culture”. I am always intrigued by how they do things and why, the fon language is always interesting, learned a couple new words.

Well, 4 days left,, my heart is already aching thinking about it.. this place, the people the simple way of life sucks me in and breaks my heart to think about leaving my wonderful friends.

Good night,