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Benin Africa: Medical Missions – II
By: lottadigital
In: Life
Jun 13, 2014

Day two was a very productive day and my shoes are already spoken for. One of the workers asked me for my shoes, I told her she can have them when I leave.

After a meeting with a doctor that lives here we headed to the hospital to get started on what we came here for.  Louis and Alex went to do consults and the rest of us got things organized and the OR ready for our first surgery, “ the sweetest little 4 year old boy”.  We did three more surgeries to end the day. Two more children all hernias and a biopsy on a lady, Louis is not optimistic about her case.  All went well.  There was an emergency C-section in the OR next to us.  A baby boy, he is doing fine.  The mother was having some difficulties, they had some issues with anesthesia. She seems to doing fine now.


We then headed back to the house to get showers and have some food.

It is now 9:00 we have finished our supper and winding down some before we all head to bed.  Rest up for another busy day and hopefully the container will arrive.

– PC

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