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Dr. Louis Bourget

37Dr. Louis Bourget, continues to lead an energetic and varied lifestyle centered around family and professional practice. This stems from his early days as a paramedic, ACLS Instructor, swimmer, and head of lifeguards in the province of Quebec. Receiving his B.Sc. in Physiology in 1983 he continued his research on enzyme treatment for the inborn error of metabolism PKU, completing is PhD at McGill University by 1986. A year of medical/dental internship at the Montreal Children’s hospital allowed him to enter a maxillofacial program at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His training was completed by 1995 when he received his fellowship (FRCD(C)).

With advanced courses in facial reconstruction at the Mayo clinic and in Sweden, Michigan, St. Louis, San Francisco, Florida and Vienna, he followed a facial cosmetic fellowship in North Carolina, and a fellow in cleft lip and palate reconstruction and Facial cosmetic in France.

He is a fellow of the international association of Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons and an active member in many associations including the AAOMS, Laser Medicine, American Association of Cosmetic surgery, European Cranio facial surgery. He currently has an active practice in the Atlantic Provinces and he has been involved with facial reconstruction & rehabilitation since 1995.

He has presented extensively in National and International meetings on cleft lip and palate and facial reconstruction, and cosmetic facial reconstruction and has been extensively involved in provincial development of oral & maxillofacial surgery as well as implant rehabilitation training, facial cosmetic and facial trauma / reconstruction. Hospital privileges at the Bathurst Regional Hospital, the Eastern Health district in Newfoundland, South Shore Regional Hospital, he maintains a private practice in the full scope of oral and facial reconstruction & facial cosmetic surgery in Nova Scotia and a visiting practice in Bathurst and Newfoundland.

A life long learner with over 1200 continuing education courses, Dr. Bourget brings new and up to date technology to his patients in the field of facial cosmetic and extensive reconstruction.

In gratitude he is actively involved in the Bourget Foundation, established in 2008 to bring medical aid for missions in Africa and Brazil.