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January 2018

Blog by Todd

The mission is complete and we are heading home to Canada and the modern life that we enjoy without appreciating it. I had a great time in Benin, in large part due to the group Louis put together. I hope we helped in some small way but I suspect we all gained more from the experience than the Benin people gained from us. I was asked to write something tear-jerking so here goes (I am not well known for this behavior).

Two experiences stand out for me. One was a solitary moment when a newborn was thrust into my arms. It struck me how unfair the world is that this little girl would have to experience a fairly basic and likely harsh and cruel world, when 23 years ago as I held my newborn daughter, I was confident that she would grow up with every advantage and luxury known to the planet. And just because of their location of birth, their lives would be vastly different.

The second experience was involved a young female over the course of the trip. Renee Bourget has so much spunk and vinegar that I couldn’t help but be inspired just by watching her interact with the team.  There are not many 14-year-old females who won’t irritate me within a day or two in some way or another but I can say that I enjoyed every second that she was around. Louis should be very proud of her.

I hope I can be involved again in the future, but I and really looking forward to getting back to my family.

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