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Blog by Anne – 17 January 2018
By: Louis Bourget
Jan 17, 2018

We have been in the OR for 3 days now. Today was the first child. Oh, the glostavent is excellent and so well received by the local staff.we were able to do several cases today, cleft palate hernias, appendicectomy, oral giant granuloma, goiter…. Thyroid nodule. We opened up an old machine in another room last night, and sourced a leak in the diaphragm of the o2 loss sensor .we relayed the o2 from the tank through the old n2o port. And intend to hook the o2 generator up to a ups system that appeared from nowhere. Aesthetically we are limited by language but Benoit is a master at manufacturing a system out of the oldest equipment possible.it continues very hot lots of power outages.Bev in dentistry is very busy. And I don’t know what is seen in outpatients but it keeps us busy in the OR. I’m going to visit Glostavent to say thank you this year……… Anne