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April 24 , 2013 @22.00
By: lottadigital
Apr 24, 2013

Evening. Another good day with some cleft lip and palate, so so small…hernias, lip reconstruction post trauma..a great surgical day. Even our dentist Derrick and Nicole had a great day….did rounds tonight with many of the members… It was nice to see…. 11 people in a 4 bed room, our small patients in a hot hot smelly room..but all have a smile on their face.. All happy to say thank you…and patients all doing well…that is what we do surgery for a smile. I have to say we have a great team…people helping each other with cooking, bringing things, working on the container…just ready to help. We also have a great staff ready to work with what ever comes along. That is the sign of a great team…ready to do what ever, not just surgeries… most staff i feel could come back by themselves and help people here…that is great…there are some people that are born leaders and they have done great for this mission…they know who the are and thank you…Neillie is saying she misses the OR, Pam having fun scrubbing and helping at what ever, Judy being great helping everyone with what ever even if it means not scrubbing and letting others do it…terry making a big difference in sterilization and organizing the container…even with newfoundland english and no french…Anne teaching the nurse anesthesiologist how a light wan and the glide scope we brought for them works, organizing the anesthesia section. Even to the point of wanting to give him her portable sat monitor… generosity is amazing….Great job…Derreck and Nicole taking over the dental department, doing well…some issues with a father that thinks he is a dentist… very interesting… wonder what happens when we are not here. …..and Juliet and Alex being great at their craft…thank you all… You guys are making a big difference even if you don’t realize it…remember great changes begin with small constant steps…great job and I wish all can see the and live it…

On Thursday am, Nicole and Derrick left in an ambulance for a scanner (ct scan) that was required for an asymptomatic patient with poly cystic disease. The father, a surgeon, felt we should take out the kidney. We felt we needed more data which again is a money issue. So the foundation paid for the investigation in Cotonou and we will see. Why are we operating…asymptomatic patient??? Lets see…we will find in this country the right mix between not enough diagnostic tools and the right amount…are we able to convince the people here that there are some minimums before we treat an asymptomatic patient…what about tibia deformities on two twins that walk well… Are we just treating the parents?? Well i was also teased by the fact that i was snoring…. not good. Sorry


Hi Isaac and Luke

Well today was another busy one and some funny moments. Probably the funniest was when I was in the hallway and a couple ladies came up to me. One of them began speaking to me in French and I think she was thanking me for seeing her little girl. The second lady also began speaking to me, so I turned to her and in my best French I said Je ne parlez pas fancais. Her reply was in her best language was ” but I’m speaking English to you”. Oh

Father D. who is supposed to be helping us in the clinic is never around and when he comes into the clinic causes more problems than solves. He now tells us he is a dentist and wants to observe and learn from us. I’m not sure about this guy. Well he watches one extraction and disappears again. We find out later from one of the other Fathers that he’s not a dentist, plus he was charging patients for consultations. Oh boy……

I had couple of difficult extractions yesterday, one in particular was an upper bicuspid. Seemed simple enough even without X-rays and suction. So I got him numbed up, put the forceps to the tooth and crunch, the crown disintegrated. Normally I would take out my hand pieces and drill it out, however I don’t have one of those either. So I start to pick the bone away by hand the best I can then the power went out. Now I have a challenge. No worries it eventually I got it out, with much thanks and gratitude from the patient. The people are always thankful.

Night guys

– Derrick