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Bourget Foundation
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About us

about-bourget-foundationThe Bourget Foundation was established in 2008 by Dr. Louis Bourget, was created to help the little sister Irma Monique with her work in Brazil and abroad.

Look at Our Team Meet Dr. Louis Bourget 



The Bourget group and foundation involves the entire Bourget family.

Starting from the left, Louis, Helene (Teacher), Denise (Mom), Diane (OR nurse), Marie (oldest financial position), Irma Monique (Little mother Teresa) and Paul (Dad).  All the kids are proud of helping with this foundation which helps our sister in Brazil, keeping in mind that she is in charge of a major hospital in Sao Paolo and now helping develop this current mission in Africa.

The family has expanded including all the grand kids and significant others.  Some have done missions in Haiti, others in Brazil and hopefully expand to Africa for many.  Family includes general contractor, family doctors, nurses, surgeon, engineer, administrators, teachers, medical student, Psychology student, Physician assistant, Pilot, Modeling industry, Investor/broker, Photographer, chiropractor, computer tech, technical design, chef, and few students.


Let’s not forget our sister, Irma Monique, the reason for many of us to be involved in many many missions and helping others that need our help.