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May 2012



This is day 3 or surgery.. I found it a bit difficult today.. actually exhausting may be a good word.  Its difficult to translate for and to everybody, it just seemed like everybody wanted something at the same time as everybody else. Setting up the OR, doing the anesthesia records, circulating , the HEAT.. the whole of the day was a bit overwhelming.. Maybe I’m just PMS’ing who knows???

We saw 2 very young kids with typhoid fever very ill and will most likely die in the next 3 days. The doctor from this hospital is trying his best but really we all know there’s nothing to do…If we were home they would at least have some sort of Morphine drip or something but here,, nothing……so what do you do,, Pray..


I honestly feel like I could just sit down and cry.. I know we are making a difference and helping so many that need it. But if you could only see how beautiful these people are inside and out..

Louis did some amazing surgeries today.  Started with a cleft lip then a huge cervical Hygroma then a very large submandibular gland removal..just to name a few. He’s just in his glory. He absolutely loves what he does and it’s amazing to watch him shine. Everybody else is working hard and learning lots. They are all enjoying there experience.

Its amazing how hot it is today,, it must have been 45 degrees + humidity I’m sure and not exaggerating.. Hot! Pam is a bit freaked out right now cause she just found a little lizard in her room.. we have 2 of them in the house I think there doing there rounds from room to room.. I hope to god they stay out of my room.. Pam just hopes to god they stay out of her bed Thanks to Joanie she seems to be saving the day with all the bugs.. none of them are bothering her “yet”

Night all!!

– Judy

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Well, the 3rd day under our belts and what an experience today was. It is getting a little easier with trying to communicate, mostly it’s charades, I rub my eyes like I’m sad and the nurses pout their lips in agreement. This beautiful little boy was brought in, just as thin as could be, typical of what you think off, when thinking of starving children except he wasn’t starving, he has typhoid fever. He was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago, but the disease has ravaged his body, Dr. Louis scrubbed in with the local Doctor to try and do something, but it is vain, the little boy will not survive.  I went to the OR to see and while the Docs were talking, I was trying to say hi to him. He was mouthing back to me.  I had brought some little gifts for the children, so I asked the Doc if I could give him a dinky and his little eyes lit up, he said merci and played with it on the bed. He also asked me for candy, but I wasn’t allowed. 🙁  A little 3yrs old girl has the same diagnosis.

It wasn’t all sad though, we did to a couple of amazing surgeries! A little 7 month old with a cleft lip, pretty as a pin. Her mom had all her hair done fancy and had pretty beads rapped around her. A little boy with a huge cycst on his neck, he looked great when the Docs were done. Plus a couple extras!

These surgeries would likely not get done if this mission did not come. They have done great things.

Judy wanted a dress made like the ladies wear here, so one of them came on Monday night, tonight she came back with the finished product. It was beautiful!!! And fancy…don’t be talking, Judy be the bell of the ball if she ever wears it that is!!!

The people here as so thoughtful and accommodating, they can’t do enough for you. The local folks love to say hi and usually bow when they do. Very special indeed!

I wish there was more I could do, but as Judy says in her blog, she’s the one torn hether and yon. She speaks their language, so she must do the bulk of the translating.  It is likely difficult and strand on her more than anyone. Having said that she is amazing too, all the Docs and nurses love her in the OR. The mission is lucky to have everyone, but Judy is a definite asset.

Well I will bid  adieu for now. It is 12:15am and all have gone to their beds, I must go too!

Good Night,

– Joanie xo

Well another great day, but so so sad.  As everyone said cleft patient, one of 3 cervical hygroma’s to be done, stuff that you see only in text books, sequella’s of thyphoid fever caused by salmonella, a young box that was normal 6 weeks ago, now will not make the next few days, a 3 y.o girl with the same thing, bowel perforations, malnutrition… that is so sad.  These cases are treated in the ICU and hydration and antibiotics, and they get better, but not here…After our day in the OR, the local surgeon had a 55 y.o. lady that came in 3 weeks ago for a hysterectomy but had a large puss accumulation.  This was drained, but never fully recovered.  She was taken to the OR today for another peritoneal lavage but never wook up really.  We were asked to help but no blood gas, no electrolytes, calcium, not idea what is happening, no central line, no blood to give… so with these conditions you can assume many reason for her not to wake up…we tied few things but her blood was very diluted red color, hemoglobin probably at 4, she probably will not make the night.  We left at 12:30 am but patient needs ICU, ventilation…. But none available….

Tomorrow will be interesting, another hygroma like you see in text books, only one inguinal hernia, another hygroma and what ever else comes our way.


So sad to see how powerless we are and how much we rely on modern medicine

– LB


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